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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Traveling Backwards

Hello you few (oh so few for now) readers.  My blog has been down and I have been busy, not to mention technologically challenged.  I am attempting to put up my blog entries from my last trip along with those pictures.  What this means is that the blog date will really be a RE-blog date and not correspond at all with when the trip originally happened.  I hope you read, I hope you dance…okay, I’m hopeful.Wish me Luck. (if you can figure out how to.)

In February of 2004, I took my first trip to Italia. (picture above)  One week from today (July 24, 2010) my mom Meda, daughter Sarah and I will be strolling cobbled, carless lanes, sauntering over bridges and gliding through waterways of Venice Italy.  We will visit St. Marks Square where I hope to be covered in pigeons again and not pigeon poo.  (I am willing to risk it.)   Corn is bought from vendors in the square (piazza) and then the swarm happens.  I love those damn birds.  They miss me I am certain.   We will visit the Island of Morano and experience glass blowing.  They have a way of blowing glass like no other place on the entire planet.  It is a marriage of science and art.
Many other adventures will ensue in Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and then back to Italy.  Some adventures will be perfect for the stage upon my return, some I will take straight to my therapist Phil, some will stay trapped in my denial filled  mind as family experiences are want to do.   Two weeks of fun, family squabbles, denial and hilarity.  You can read about our travels right here on this blog.   I will say hi to the pigeons for you.  Ciao!

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